Zillow SJA 5 star

I met Donovan in 2010, where he helped my wife and I sell a very difficult home, as well as buy one that required very tough negotiations between price, possession date of selling home and move-in date of the new home. He gained our respect in this transaction pushing for several variables that many realtors would not have cared about once they had a solid offer. The result was we were able to move out and in on the same day, thus preventing a 15 day apartment period. Then, again in 2013 he helped sell our home and buy our current home. Again, under tough circumstances for us. He is not afraid to professionally navigate the negotiating table, get the best price for sell and knows the market to make educated decisions that set both buyer and seller up for success in the first place. The sales and paperwork process throughout is natural with Donovan and his planning and calm demeanor keeps potential stress from arising in the first place. He is a professional and works hard for his clients, and his repeat/referral and sheer volume and history of business speaks to this fact. We trust our home transactions with Donovan and would highly recommend others to do the same